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Private Lessons

Private lessons offer a skater the opportunity to work one on one with a member of our professional staff.  Private lessons will help a skater improve difficult skills and aid in advancing through our program faster and with greater proficiency.  Working with a private coach also enables skaters to begin competing and learn more difficult skills that are not taught in a class situation.

Private lessons are taught during Public Sessions for skaters in Snowplow Sam-Basic 6.  Skaters who are in Pre - Free skate and above may take private lessons on Private Ice.  All skaters participating in private lessons between the levels of Snowplow Sam-Basic 6  must be enrolled in our group class program.

You may speak with any of our professional staff coaches or contact the for more info.

Lesson fees vary from coach to coach.  Fees range between $12 and $29 per 20 minute lesson time and are paid through the front counter.  In addition to the coaching fees you are responsible for ice time fees.  Public sessions are $8 with a $4 rental fee.  Private Ice sticker fees are $9.75 per 40 minute session or you may purchase 10 stickers for $87.50.

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